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Digging for Klay – History of Roo's baby name uncovered

New research uncovers the story behind the name of Wayne Rooney’s newborn son –

  • Only 92 people named 'Klay' have lived in England and Wales since 1848
  • First Klay recorded in the UK was in 1848, an immigrant from Germany  


Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen have ensured that their newborn baby Klay is unique from birth after giving him one of Britain’s rarest names.

The findings from, the UK’s favourite family history website[i], revealed that from 1848 until 2007 only 92 people named ‘Klay’ -  a variation of ‘Clay’, an English name which originally means ‘immortal’ - have lived in England and Wales.

Although there were only a handful of Klays in the UK before the 1990s, the name has seen a significant increase since then and with the arrival of Wayne and Colleen’s second son, that trend seems set to continue.                                                          

The first arrival of a Klay in the UK dates from 1848 when a certain Klay Morow came from Germany at the port of Dover; with his immigration forms detailed in an Alien Entry form on The Clay variant of the name however, has a long history in England, with wills and apprenticeship records showing it going back to the 17th century at least.

Miriam Silverman, UK Content Manager, from comments: “With billions of records to search on including birth, marriage and death records, as well as military archives, there has never been a better time to go online and find out about the fascinating characters in your family tree, including the history of your ancestor’s names.”



Source: The ‘Officially the UK’s favourite family history website’ line is based on comScore, 2011, based on genealogy related      websites selected from the Family and Parenting sub-category under the Community category